Proud to be Me Foundation

Our Cause

At Proud to be Me our mission is to create a community where all are able to realize their full potential and can confidently say "I am Proud to be Me" by embracing both their own and others' uniqueness. Our vision for the future is a society in which empathy, acceptance, responsibility and opportunity are combined to benefit the individual and also the community at large. Help create this vision by supporting our events - Proud to be Bully Free.

Annual Signature Event - Proud to be Bully Free

Please help us in our initative to eliminate bullying! 100% of the proceeds raised by this event are used to empower the youth of our community by providing the education, confidence and resources to create change in their schools. Please join us for our 4th Annual Signature Event in 2015 - Proud to be Bully Free.

View our successful February 25, 2014 event that took place at the Rare Restaurant and Bar, Kanata.

Proud to be Bully Free - Event Information and Announcements